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Additional Publications

Here you will find 7 of my publications that are not featured elsewhere on this site. If a particular article interests you, a link to download the pdf can be found below that article's picture. Full citations are located at the bottom of this page. Happy exploring!

A Multidimensional Network
Approach to Strategic


A multidimensional Network Approach.jpg

The Symbiotic Sustainability Model: Conceptualizing NGO-Corporate Alliance Communication²

The Symbiotic Sustainability Model.jpg

Millennials’ “Get a ‘Real Job’” Exploring Generational Shifts
in the Colloquialism’s Characteristics and Meanings³

Millennials' Get a Real Job

Differences Among NGOs in the Business-NGO Cooperative


Differences Among NGOs

Black Gold, Green Earth: An Analysis of the Petroleum
Industries Sustainability Discourse


Black Gold, Green Earth

America’s Most Admired Companies: A Descriptive
Analysis of CEO Corporate Social Responsibility Statements

America's Most Admired Companies

Finding the Meaning of Work in the Factory and on the Picket Line

Finding the Meaning of Work
Finding the Meaning of Work


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[5] O’Connor, A., & Gronewold, K. (2013) Black Gold, Green Earth: An analysis of the petroleum industries sustainability discourse. Management Communication Quarterly, 27, 2, 210-236. doi: 10.1177/0893318912465189

[6] Beauchamp, L.. & O’Connor, A. (2012) America’s most admired companies: A descriptive analysis of CEO corporate social responsibility statements. Public Relations Review, 38, 3, 494-497.

​[7] O’Connor, A., & Paskewitz, E. (2016). Finding the meaning of work in the factory and on the picket line. In J.P. Fyke, J. Faris, and P.M. Buzzanell (Eds), Cases in organizational and managerial communication: Stretching boundaries. (pp. 69-76). Routledge.

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