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Corporate Social Responsibility Communication Handbook earns the 2023 Outstanding Book Award - National Communication Association Public Relations Division

Editor of The Routledge Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility Communication

This handbook brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars from 15 countries and 36 universities to engage with the current literature and offer bold and exciting directions for future research.

Bringing together authors who are thought-leaders and emerging scholars from diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives, it examines the issues central to CSR communication including: theoretical underpinnings, form and content of CSR messaging, the boundaries of engagement, and the tensions associated with CSR communication. It offers a unique combination of functional and formative approaches to CSR communication designed to expose readers to a blend of approaches. 

Offering both a strong introduction to topics for novices as well as a more advanced interrogation of CSR communication for more knowledgeable readers, the handbook is appropriate for advanced students and researchers in public relations, strategic communication, organizational communication, and allied fields.

Handbook Reviews

“An impressive collection of leading thinkers in the CSR space address important topics in this book, including corporate advocacy, CSR crisis, stakeholder engagement, and transparency among a broad range of organization types. This volume is a “must-have” reference for any scholar or student of CSR.”

- Denise Sevick Bortree, Ph.D., Professor of Advertising/Public Relations at Penn State University

The Mine Next Door: The praxis and promise of CSR in taconite towns

The Mine Next Door peels back the veneer of corporate public relations to expose the jagged edges that define the boundaries of CSR in Minnesota’s taconite mining industry. The forthcoming book combines ethnographic methods with a systems perspective to reveal how CSR boundaries are collectively shaped by the complex, interdependent relationships between corporations, workers, and communities that define what CSR means, how CSR is practiced, and who has the power and legitimacy to enforce and recreate the boundaries of CSR on the Iron Range.

Using a neighborhood metaphor, I decipher the macro forces and micro moments that create, maintain, and alter the various CSR boundaries to show how CSR boundaries are refracted, reinforced, and reframed through the distorted lenses of history, economics, and personal experiences working in the mines and living in a mining community.

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