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Student-Led Research

I have mentored many graduate and undergraduate students completing their own research in the field of corporate social responsibility. Below, you will find descriptions of the most recent research projects students have conducted. 

Christina Harisiadis (Graduate)

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Christina is a MA candidate. Research interests: Public relations/organizational communication; DEI & CSR communication.

Christina is a 2nd year masters student. Her thesis has three  interconnected goals: 1) to identify how corporations communicate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and accountability in the specific context of racial diversity; 2) to assess how stakeholders’ evaluate corporate DEI claims and 3) to understand how stakeholders’ intend to hold corporations accountable with racial diversity efforts.

She brings together literature about corporate historical responsibility and corporate social advocacy to understand how the two concepts converge and diverge in corporate communication about racial diversity. 


Christina uses qualitative methods to examine stakeholders’ interpretations of corporate DEI communication, behavioral intentions in response to DEI communication and how those responses may be different from their responses to CSR and CSI activities. 

She presented her research at the Organizational Communication Mini Conference at the University of Texas-Austin in September 2022. 

Shayla Miller (Undergrad)

Shayla completed an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) research project in the summer of 2021. Her project was an extension of my research that examines the relationship between the mining industry and mining communities.

Shayla conducted extensive archival research. From those findings, she created timelines of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities conducted by the mining companies on the Iron Range between 2018-2021. Her goal was to depict the instances of CSR in a manner that can be transferred to and utilized in published works. Shayla presented her findings at the Fall 2021 UROP research fair held in McNamara Alumni Center on campus. 

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