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My research focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices and activities. I am particularly interested in how CSR activities impact relationships between corporations, community members, and employees. Below, you will find 3 main sections that are intended to help you get a better understanding of my research: Research Spotlight, Student-Led Research, and Research Infographics. If you're still searching for more, there's a link to additional publications located at the bottom of this page. There, you'll find the titles, citations, and full pdfs for 7 of my publications not featured elsewhere on this site. 

Research Overview

Want to see what I'm currently working on? Check out this page to learn more about my active projects and discover what my research is all about. 

Iron Man at the Minneota Discovery Center

Seeking short and quick information about my research? This page features handy infographics that break down some of my recently published works. 

 Magnifying glass over jigsaw puzzle_ Corporate Social Responsibility.jpg

Looking to see what some of my students have done? Head over here to read about my graduate and undergraduate students' recent research work. 

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